Rich Offensive PlaycallingDesign your defenseNames EditorCareer PlayPlaybooks

Rich Offensive Playcalling

Design every aspect or let your offensive coordinator help

Design your defense

Blitzes, keys, coverages, its all here, or ease in with casual play

Names Editor

Edit team names and nicknames, player names and jerseys

Career Play

Play as many seasons as you like, trade draft picks, run team drills and player camps to fine tune your team, and more!


Design your plays on the fly and save your favorites to your custom-designed playbooks!

PSF Games

This web site is still in progress, so check back!

I just discovered that Apple released the wrong version of the game, so I’m working with them to fix it. Please be patient – the correct version has updated rosters, the 2016 schedule, bug fixes, etc.

PSF 2016 was greenlit and will be released for Windows on September 6th! The Mac version is almost ready, and the iOS version has been submitted to Apple. Check out my Steam page: PSF 2016

Pro Strategy Football fills that gap ignored by most games – strategy and realism. With massive in-game tips, information, and even advice, along with Beginner and Expert difficulty levels, you can master the game, learn football, and have fun! Because there are people who want more player management – and people who don’t – there are two aspects to the game. You can play Exhibition games, play the 2016 season as many times as you want, or take over a team for Franchise play in Career. A;; share the same excellent AI, realism, and coaching options, but Career offers you player management as you coach a single team across multiple seasons, while the other game lets you run wild, coaching any team you want, coaching every team of the 2015 season, and create pick up exhibition games.

If you love coaching, managing (or both) PSF 2016 is for you! You can also let the AI simulate every game, which is blazing fast! Every play of every game is simulated, but because it’s on memory, it’s FAST, letting you get to the next round asap!