PSF Career has been released to the App Store! Unfortunately, a few bugs are in this initial release, and I'm working feverishly to finish this first patch in the next few days and then submit it to Apple. The worst bug affects the career stats and records, and can happen any time a coached game or season simulation are interrupted, so if you coach, please coach all the way to the end (no saving and exiting, no letting the AI finish). And if you sim a season, don't leave the app to check other apps.


The other big bug deals with drafted kickers having bad attributes. That will also be in this patch. I apologize for this, and will work to make PSF Career a fantastic app for you. Thank you!


Pro Strategy Football 2014 is the fourth iteration of the Pro Strategy Football app for iOS (and I'm working on an Android version)! This is the game for people who love the tactics, stats and ratings in American football! The best football game for iOS, PSF is the game where you win by out-thinking your opponent, not by having the twitchiest fingers!


For support, email Support


COMING SOON: Career Play - take over as Head Coach of a team and lead it through multiple seasons as players age and leave and new talent arrives in drafts!

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Revisiting the 2013-14 Teams

Last year I provided team files for the 2013 rosters, and I’ll be providing that for the 2014 version. If you’d like to download csv files of the current 2013 teams and players head over to 2013 Team Files


How it All Began

I began playing board games with my brother when I was a youth.  We played war games like Third Reich and Firepower, but we spent most of our time playing football – Paydirt, Strat-o-matic, Bowlbound, anything we could get our