The 2015 versions of Pro Strategy Football (Head Coach) and Pro Strategy Football Career have been completed and are now for sale on the Google Play and Amazon stores! The iOS version will be completed very soon!


Pick up Pro Strategy Football Career on the Google Play Store here or the Amazon Store here.

Pick up the non-career Pro Strategy Football Head Coach here or here.

These game are for people who love the tactics, stats and ratings in American football, and who want to enjoy realistic game play rather than twitchy arcade games!


Classic Pro Strategy Football is for people who want the flexibility of creating exhibition games between any two teams, great for playing your friends or against the computer. You can also coach any (or all) of the teams in recreating the 2015 season, with season achievements, leaders, playoffs, and more!


The Career game is for those fans who prefer a franchise view, who want to select a single team and coach it across multiple seasons, with players aging, drafts, and roster management!


Both games have the same great coaching options:

  • Select Casual or Hard Core difficulty
  • Use the popular new Diagram play calling or the legacy tabs approach
  • Coach against the computer or another person, or let the computer coach both teams
  • Thousands of offensive and defensive combinations!
  • Deal with injuries, weather, penalties, and luck


For support, email Support

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