In Expert difficulty, defense has a lot of options, and you’ll want to learn to use most of them to confuse the offense or to best counter his attacks. However, when first starting out, the most important aspect is the Focus.

Remember, Beginner difficulty is much simpler! You just give directions such as “defend against medium passes” and let your defensive coordinator set the details.

In Expert difficulty, you take over all the fine details:

  • set your formation to defend where you think he’s attacking
  • shift your line to strengthen against particular holes or side, or stunt your line to increase your pass rush
  • set your coverage for your linebackers and defensive backs
  • blitz any or all linebackers or free safety
  • double team in pass defense, or choose your run keys in run defense

The most important thing on Expert difficulty is setting your focus. When you’re setting the Focus to run or pass, your defensive men’s initial movements are affected. For example, if you’re focusing on Run, then your linemen don’t blast forward, but rather hold their ground and watch the backs, and your linebackers don’t immediately start dropping back into pass coverage. Again, setting your Focus is the most important part of your play.