How it All Began


I began playing board games with my brother when I was a youth.  We played war games like Third Reich and Firepower, but we spent most of our time playing football – Paydirt, Strat-o-matic, Bowlbound, anything we could get our hands on.

Years later, I was working on my Masters in Computer Science and decided that I wanted to write a football than Ken and I would enjoy.  Neither of us enjoyed the twitchy, unrealistic games that flooded the market, so I began working on the initial ideas.  The game was eventually published for the PC, Mac, and Amiga, but alas, real life compelled me to leave game development for “real” work.

Fast forward to 2010.  My oldest son had a near-fatal car accident, and it woke me once again to the brevity of life, and I knew I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, but I wasn’t sure how.  Well, my younger son had saved up and bought a used Mac, and he offered to let me use his to learn iOS development.  I took to it immediately, and a few months later, I decided to buy my own Mac and push forward.

In 2012, I added many options, including multiplayer, and 2013 saw several improvements. Then I met up with Aurelio Barrios, who created the new scoreboard and panel buttons, showed me great options on Shutterstock, and showed me some nifty programming tricks for immensely more flexibility in creating buttons and panels.

Also for 2014, I completed redesigned the menu system, using ideas hashed out during my Philmont trek, and created my own popups to replace the drab default ones from before. The new version also has much improved help and is more flexible in allowing adding more formations and plays.

Finally, I’ve been working on Career Play, which is coming along great and should be offered later in the Fall.