Everyone loves offense, and PSF has plenty of realistic coaching options! Hard core coaches can control every aspect of the offense, including the formation, the call, motion, receiver or ball carrier, and even the pass pattern – not to mention managing the clock!  If you love designing your offense the way you want, you have complete flexibility in tweaking any part of your play!

However, most of us aren’t pro coaches, and it can be confusing at first. So every play, formation, every option has in-game help and descriptions, and even pros and cons! You can also ask the AI for advice or even ask it to suggest a play!

Also, if you want to ease in, choose Casual difficulty and let your offensive coordinator help with details! Don’t worry, you can switch between Casual and Hard Core at any time by tapping the Coach icon.

Twelve formations!
Send any flanker in motion to attack where you want!
Choose your back or primary receiver!
Passes can be Drop Back or Play Action!
Define the right pass pattern for the play!

Manage the Clock:
Time out!
No huddle!
Tell your men to try for the sidelines!
Run the clock down to get off the last play of the half or game!