Pro Strategy Football has it all – fun, training, realism, two difficulty levels, and more. It’s a game, simulation, an encyclopedia, and even a coaching clinic!

My goal has been to create the most realistic American football game possible, while keeping it fun and playable and appealing to different players. Some players want to control every coaching aspect (you can!), others want to just be the head coach and use their offensive and defensive coordinators for the details (yep, you can do that, too!). But almost all want realism and strategy. And most want to learn more about actual football while they’re at it.

Career play includes the option to coach if you want, but also brings in all the management features you’ll enjoy, from scouting to trading draft picks, to team drills and player mini camps. Build your team over time, let your aging players go to make room for budding new rookies. You don’t have to coach, but you can.

There are also two modes for folks who want only to coach, nothing to do with franchise play. You can create any exhibition (or “pick up”) game between any two teams, and coach against the computer or another player. You can also play through the 2016 season (or random season) using the 2016 ratings, coaching any, all, or none of the teams.

If this all weren’t enough, PSF is also a coaching clinic! Every play, formation, every option, has in game definitions, including pros and cons, and tips when you might want to use what options. In addition, you can ask the AI for advice or even ask it to suggest a play. And Beginner Play lets you ease into the game while learning, or just because you want a more relaxed pace.

And of course, if you’re more into the management side, you can let your coaches sim every game!

The PSF games are all about giving you tons of built-in options right away:

  • Choose the teams
  • Choose the coaches – pass and play, vs the AI, or even let the AI sim the game
  • Choose your difficulty – Beginner to learn, Expert when you want to control everything
  • Customize the game
  • Edit teams and players names
  • Create custom playbooks
  • Game options let you turn “auto suggest” off or on for Offense and Defense
  • Turn animation off for fast play over a short lunch, but can still watch replays

For more, check out the Game Features page!